The increasing demand of standby generator systems in South Africa caused by the lack of reliable utility power supplies, and the demands placed on the design and installation requirements of these systems regulated by SANS10142, OHS Act (85 of 1993) combined with municipality by laws warrants in depth training of these systems.

Diesel Innovations could not identify any comprehensive training regarding Diesel Generators, Installations and Electrical Sub systems related to standby generator plants in the market place. Diesel Innovations identified this need and designed, developed and built a state of the art training facility that specializes in standby diesel generators sets and associated electrical systems.


Diesel Innovations Training Academy is the recognized leader in Diesel Generator Power, Control and Electrical systems education through theoretical and practical training in a real time environment to ensure that the participants can professionally, effectively, practically and safely apply their knowledge in the workplace.


Integrity – You will be treated ethically, fairly, and honestly

Teamwork – We embrace the strengths and contributions of others

Service – We will deliver excellent customer service

Empowerment – We empower participants through knowledge and life skills

Creativity – We stimulate discovery and innovation leading to more effective learning

Learning – We cultivate a learning environment

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions

Respect – You will be in an environment that embraces and fosters diversity among people and ideas

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